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How To Do Image Optimization For Website | Free Image Optimization Tools

Did you know when you submit images on your blog post or website page, the load-time of your website gets increases? When you create a new blog post, you just create or download any size images and submit them on your website without any image optimization then it may cause a problem like as – the loading time of your website increases and also, affect the ranking factor of your website on the search engine.

In this informative blog article, I will discuss how to do SEO-friendly image optimization for a website and how you can easily submit images on your website without damaging the image quality. 

Benefits of Image Optimization 

For a fast ranking of any website on Search Engine, it is a very important concept to optimize images for all bloggers. Image Optimization is a process in which we can reduce the size of images without reducing image quality. The following benefits of image optimization are as mentioned below –

How To Do Image Optimization For Website

·        The loading time or loading speed of your website will become good.

·        It helps to quickly backup of the website.

·        It uses less storage space.

·        Improve website ranking and also good for SEO.

How to Optimize Image for Website 

When you submit an optimize image on your blog or website, then it is mandatory to know about the – what should be image formats, how we can compress image, what should be the dimension of images (Height & Width). So, Let’s know all about it in detail –

Image Format 

Most of the new bloggers, they don’t know which image format should submit on a website like as - JPEG, PNG, and GIF format.

·         JPEG format – It is a compressed format that provides a small file dimension and slightly reduces the image quality.

·        PNG format – It is used for simple and transparent images and the image quality will be good but the dimensions of the image will be very large.

·        GIF Format – It is used for an animated image.

Dimension Image –

Image Dimension is also affected by the image size. It will take more time to open any websites, which gives a bad effect on your SEO and ranking factors. If the dimension of your image is more than (640 x442) then, the size of your image will also be increased. 

Compress image –

The compression of any image plays a vital role in image optimization. It is the process that reduces the size of any images just with the help of multiple free compression tools.

 Best 10 Image Optimization Tools

There are several free image optimization tools are available on the internet that works efficiently most of the time.  The following tools are listed below –

1:- Optimizilla 

Optimizilla is the fastest and reliable free web tool that comfortably reduces the size of images without losing image quality. It allows you to compress JPEG and PNG images format with ease. For compressing, you just have to Drag & Drop your image here and it will give you a link where you can download it.

2:- CompressNow

Compressnow is another excellent image compression tool that helps you to upload multiple images and compresses all images at a time. This tool supports only 3 image formats like – PNG, GIF, and JPEG file format.

3:- Online Image Optimizer

With the help of ImageOptimizer tool, you can easily optimize any Image Format like – JPEG, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF, and many more. You can also change the image format to another format. But you can upload only one image at a time and your image maximum size should be 2.86MB.

4:- Resize Image

ResizeImage enables you to effortlessly compress the image to reduce its size. You just need to upload the image on it and you can compress your image as per your requirements. This tool also provides an option to get Caption, Image effect, Border, Shadow, and many other options that you can easily apply on your selected image.

5:- Convert Image

Convert Image is a free Online image optimizer tool that helps you to easily compress any image and reduces its size. It is suitable to convert almost all Image formats such as – JPEG, PNG, JPG, JPE, PCX, PDF, PSDs, and many more. It has lots of the latest features you should visit at least once.

6:- easily compress the size of your image by just drag and drop. It is capable to reduce the size without losing original quality. This free tool allows us to optimize JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF file formats. It provides features to reduce the file size as much you want.

7:- Tiny PNG

By using this free tool allows you to quickly compress the PNG and JPEG format files. You just need to visit on this website and upload images. Then, this tool will compress your image and provides the download link of compress image where you can download it. 

8:- JPEG Optimizer

JPEG-Optimizer is an easy to use image optimizer tool which allows us to compress any JPEG format image online. You can also change the dimensions of JPEG images with ease.

9:- Image Optim

ImageOptim is the best choice for all Mac users. It is designed with the latest advanced algorithms that compress the image without losing original quality. This amazing tool supports JPEG and PNG formats of images.

10:- Trimag

Trimage is a free web tool that works well for Linux or Windows OS users and compresses the image as much as your demand. It allows us to compress only JPEG PNG format images. This tool is eligible to maintain the clarity of your image.  


I hope this article will help you to get information about how to do SEO friendly image optimization for a website. In this article, all image optimizer tools are completely free of cost/charges. 

With the help of these tools, you can properly optimize your images, and as well as you can improve your website loading time with ease. If you liked this article then please share your reviews on the comment section box. 


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