10 Negative SEO Ranking Factors That Can Destroy Your Website Ranking

Negative SEO Ranking Factors

The negative SEO ranking factors is not something new and yes it may really destroy your website or blog rankings. Therefore, in this article, I will explain complete information about - what is negative SEO and what I have considered to be 10 Negative SEO ranking factors which can negatively impact on your Google rankings.               

What is Negative SEO?

The term of Negative SEO refers to the practices that are outdated, unethical, and against the boundaries of Google Webmaster guidelines are considered as Negative or Black-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is about optimizing the website for search engines whereas negative SEO damage your rankings. So, it is important to avoid the following factors that are listed below – 

·       Duplicate Content 

Last week I wrote a post about 10 Important Google Ranking Factors and the first tip was to make sure that your content should be unique. In 2011, Google released an algorithm update which is known as Panda. It easily detects the copy content of your website and it may down webpage ranking on the search engine results (SERPs). 

So, you need to avoid publishing duplicate or copy content on your website pages. The main reason is that if search engines crawler already indexes the same content on their database then there are no reasons to index your webpages if it has nothing new to offer.

·       Keyword Stuffing

If you repeating the same keywords over and over again on your webpage then it shows a bad effect on Google search results.  Doing keyword stuffing on your webpage is a very bad SEO approach. It is also a signal for search engine crawlers that you are trying to manipulate their algorithm.

 So, it is important to mention your keyword at respective positions such as – Title, Description, Opening paragraph, ending paragraph, and a couple of more times naturally in the article is enough.

·       Guest posting and Backlinks

Guest posting can be a great way to get backlinks from other websites. But, if you did cheaply/wrongly that can damage your ranking on the google search results.  You can guest post on high-quality websites (High DA/PA) related to your niche which will definitely help to quickly rank your website.

Read the article I wrote last year on backlinks for a more in-depth analysis on what is a good link from guest posting.  Before creating backlinks must check the website's DA/PA and Spam score just with the help of the Spam Checker Tool.  

·        Cloaking

Cloaking is a term that refers to hiding the real destination of a link and showing different versions of a page to the crawlers and users. Using such practices is now actually a very bad SEO practice. It is good practice to keep only one version of the page for both search engine crawlers and the user.

·       Too Many Ads

Google punishes the website that has many ads above the webpage that is visible without scrolling. Yes, this practice is a negative impact on the ranking of your webpage on the search results. If your traffic suddenly decreases, in this situation you should have to check your affected page layout algorithm.

·       Mobile Friendliness 

A website that’s ranking well in the desktop index isn’t guaranteed to rank high in the mobile version. It’s truth that – ranking well in the mobile index does place you high in the desktop index. So, it is important to design your website desktop as well as mobile-friendly.

It is important to upload content should be mobile-friendly which will help to increase your traffic.  Google gives more priority to mobile-friendly websites because of the growing number of mobile searches.  

·       Paid Backlinks

To building a successful website/blog which takes time, requires a lot of patience, hard work to create quality content, and getting backlinks from the website. Buying backlinks for any kind it a bad SEO practice and something that Google will find out spam and most probably you can lose your search rankings.

Most of the paid tools are available on the internet which offers you providing backlinks but they create backlinks from low-quality websites, different niches, spam websites, and many more.  So, it is important to create backlinks manually from the same niche websites.   

·       Unuse of Google Webmaster Tools

Google developed such wonderful webmaster tools in order to establish better communication with webmasters, where you can get various informative information about your website and tools that will help you to understand how to improve your website SEO and ranking in Google search results. Here, you can easily check your site broken links, crawling errors, bad links, duplicate titles, description and many more.  

·       Having a lot of Outgoing links                             

The incoming, as well as outgoing links, can damage your website which means – It isn’t only the incoming links can down your site ranking but also the outgoing links can damage. Suppose, if you have lots of outgoing links without using the ‘no follow’ tag can be considered as paid links. So, it is very important to you should use ‘no follow’ tags any links in ads, comments, and outgoing websites links that you don’t have trust in it.             

·       Slow or unavailable websites

It is good practice to have a website loading time of less than 4-5 seconds and should be available 24/7 all the time. There are various factors behind the increased loading time of a website such as – large size images, large CSS, HTML and JavaScript files, and many more.  

A good hosting provider is very important for having 24*7 availability and having modern software (e.g – WordPress and Blogger) that can help you to build fast and well optimize a website that loads within 2-3 seconds.   

The Final-Words

To follow good SEO approaches that are based on google guidelines, ethical, and up to date with the latest google ranking algorithm, etc. are very important for website success.  For organic traffic, you should avoid practices like – keyword stuffing, massive link building, cloaking, spam website backlinks, and banner stuffing.

We have successfully discussed the Top 10 Negative SEO Ranking Factors in this blog post. If you have any questions related to this post then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section box.  

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