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There is a Lot involved Behind the Colors in a Logo – Understand the Color Psychology In Logos

A memorable and distinctive logo is at the core of any organization’s branding strategy. When you think of KFC, Lacoste, or Polo, you immediately remember a colonel, a crocodile, or the polo horse, respectively. These legendary logos did not become famous overnight. These brands gradually developed significant ties with their customers. They effectively caught audiences’ attention, stirred their emotions, and eventually urged them to purchase their products time and time again. These logos’ success is through intelligent branding decisions and excellent logo designs.

So, it is better to get an expert to design your logo. The one whose design has the emotional and psychological effect on the human mind. Hiring an expert designer might cost you a lot that is why to get efficient and cheap logo design services from a recognized agency. These experts will provide you with a logo that takes care of every detail of the logo.

All great logos require great vigilance and efficiency. Each stroke and curve means something. Even the colors used in the logo have a reason behind it. Colors as you may know, influence your psychology in a great manner. Businesses and designers have paved this factor in their favor and use colors to create a meaningful impact on human minds. In this article, we will discuss in detail the effect and use of colors in logo designing.

What do These Colors mean In A Logo?

Color can alter one's thoughts, feelings, and body hormones. It has a wide range of meanings that can be found in nature as well as in many civilizations throughout the world. Color has a deeper psychological impact on people. Therefore, designers should learn about the psychology of colors and then implement it in their designs to do more impactful work. With that stated, here are some fundamental color meanings for you to learn so you may improve your logo design skills:

·        Yellow

Understand the Color Psychology In Logos

The color of the sun is yellow. As a result, it's simple to understand why yellow inspires sentiments of optimism, clarity, and warmth. Yellow is also a beautiful color that conjures up images of gold and riches. Another advantage of yellow is that because the color is so brilliant, it may stand out even amid a crowded environment. The human eye notices the yellow color immediately that is why it is utilized to get attention towards important signs. As you may have noticed, all the traffic signs are made up of yellow hues. The majority of family-oriented brands such as restaurants like McDonald’s, Lays, and Ikea use yellow in their logos. As yellow’s attributes are happiness, hopefulness, cheerfulness, and fun. Moreover, the caution sign is yellow in color because it attracts attention immediately.

·        Red

The warmest all the color schemes, and also the most well-liked among extroverts and males. it's as intense as fire and as warm as blood; red screams passion, energy, love, desire, and determination. That’s why many countries incorporate this alter their flags. As a control in our flesh, red enhances human metabolism, raises force per unit area, boosts appetite, and increases respiration rate. it's dynamic and your go-to color if you would like to urge people’s attention – that’s why you'll be able to observe “buy now” or “click here” buttons everywhere the web are colored as red.

·        Blue

As the sea and the sky bring calmness and peace, their color blue also radiates such emotions. Using color blue radiates the factors of peace, independence, intuition, and imagination which caresses your heart. It also encourages us to be loyal, truthful, confident, and intellectual, which is why it is such a popular color in the corporate world. The majority of the business logos use blue. For instance, major social media platforms have blue in them such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Blue is associated with traits such as cleanliness and purity, which is why we see so much blue on the packaging of most bottled water brands such as Nestle Aquafina etc. Because it promotes honesty and devotion, blue has also become a fairly safe, dependable, and somewhat conservative color choice for business brands.

·        Green

Color green naturally has a healing effect. It is nature’s color without any doubt. Green dominates the natural world and occupies a large portion of the human eye's spectrum. As a result, it is a perfect background for any type of design since it is very eye-catching.  Green represents everything earthy and pure. As a result, this hue evokes a wide spectrum of feelings. It can represent fresh life and regeneration, as well as peace and respect.  As green is majorly associated with nature, greenery, and life, naturally many people assume that the use of green is limited to a few businesses. In truth, several well-known firms have incorporated green tones in their logos.

·        Black

Black is often used to reach youth and affluent audiences. It generates mystery while signifying strength, authority, and elegance. Black is generally an absence of color but its presence can be striking when used with neutral hues. The majority of logos have a combination of black and white as it is the classic combo. White is the opposite of black but their color scheme is like no other. Some of the most prominent brands have used this combo in their logos such as Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and Chanel. The richness of this color represents the high-end target audience. The brands mentioned above are some of the most expensive brands in the world.


Colors play a crucial role in bringing your logo to life. If you want to produce a great logo design, try with several colors and discover which one best represents the soul of your or your client’s firm. Remember to consider your target demographic and how they will react to the colors in your logo design. Color psychology varies in different regions and cultures of the world. That is why be vigilant while picking out colors for your logo.

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