Gojek Clone App 2022

Gojek Clone App 2022

It is hard to always find the right kind of Start-Up Idea. The World is unabridged with Competitors with the most attractive Business Solutions. Well, how to beat them and become Successful? Try out Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022! This App has turned around the On-Demand Service Industry. How so? Well, it is the Only App in the entire World that offers more than 70+ On-Demand Services with just a Few Clicks! 

This App’s Service Basket includes such great Services that Users avail of every day! Such as:

1.     Online Taxi Booking

2.  Delivery Services for Groceries, Medicines, Food Ordering, Bottled Water, Flower Delivery, etc.

3.     On-Demand Beauticians, Electricians, Plumbers, and so on.

4.     Parcel Delivery

5.     Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner

6.     Online Video Consultation with Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Astrologers, etc.

7.     Bid for Services

These are the 7 Major Components of Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022!


For starters, this App is a Perfect Blend of Tech-Enriched Features and Services! Besides, this App is:

Affordable for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To Build the App from Scratch, Entrepreneurs need to easily cough up US$250,000. However, to start a Business like Gojek, Entrepreneurs need only a Bite-Sized Cost of the Amount! This Pre-Built App is Market-Tested and Mature which again eliminates the amount that’s needed to Build Office Premises, Hire Skilled IT Professionals, Retain them by paying Six-Figure Salaries every month, and so on.

Gives you Instant Ticket to On-Demand Service Niche

Gojek like App is an Instant Solution that doesn’t require you to spend 7-8 Years of your Life to simply Launch the App. The App is already Designed, Coded, and Perfected to its Core with the help of 16 Developers and 4 Technical Project Managers at eSiteWorld. Well, eSiteWorld is a White-label Mobile App Development Company holding a Global Repute in the Market for about a Decade now in launching Pre-Built Apps and giving Instant Access in the Industry.

Fulfills your Customer’s Satisfaction

On-Demand Services are gaining a high-peak Demand. Now people are all about getting everything at their fingertips. Also, they need Instant Delivery of Services and Products! To break through the Competition, and become that One Perfect App, you need to fulfill what they need and desire right away. Well, with quick Delivery, Dedicated Local Service Providers, and a Responsive App, your Business is going to Soar like never before!


eSiteWorld offers a gazillion benefits and FREE Features with the Purchase of the Package. A handful of them are:

 100% White-Labeling of your App with your Company’s Name & Logo everywhere. They also Rebrand the App by changing the Color-Theme of the App and Website to match with the color of your Logo.

●  The Technical Project Manager at eSiteWorld will zip and send you a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain at no extra cost, with the Purchase of the Package.

 The Entrepreneur can choose to Integrate their Preferred Languages, Currency, and Payment Gateway.

    The App Owners get Free Upgradation of the App for 1 Year!


Now is the time to Rise and Shine my dear Entrepreneurs! Get yourself the Best Business Solution and establish your own Successful Startup in 2022. See some Quick Cash inflowing your Accounts in no time.

Launch your very own Gojek Clone KingX 2022 with the help of eSiteWorld Gojek Clone App Development Company.