How Much Will It Cost to Develop an App like Letgo?

Individual viewpoints on used products vary - some might find it irritating, while others find it valuable! A human being's lifespan and time again teach one thing: nothing in this society is new save for a specific period.

To put things in context, online marketplaces such as Letgo and OLX have completely renovated the worth of old items. They are considering Letgo, an American buy-and-sell marketplace platform.

  • Modern approach, advanced and easy-to-use UI
  • global positioning system and other localization capabilities that list products location-based
  • ai - based, and picture recognition technology saves time which makes the sale and purchases simple
  • The ability to use your Facebook profile to authenticate your account
  • present in several international marketplaces, including Turkey and Norway
  • Completely free

Why Would You Want to Build Letgo Classifieds Marketplace?

Online selling should be straightforward, and Letgo Clone enables it. The Letgo Clone script allows vendors to showcase their products and market items more quickly in their local area.

  • Interactive center console
  • Sellers can view product performance and current trends.
  • Accurate Inventory Tracking
  • Merchants can precisely manage and monitor the status of selling their commodities on the platform.
  • Individuals' Profile Page
  • Sellers on the site can sell their products online to a wider audience.

How to Create Your Own Sales Marketplace Application Like Letgo?

Creating apps like Letgo may be a tremendously gratifying endeavor. Because of the COVID-19 dilemma, physical stores increasingly give way to social media platforms and exchanges for purchasing and selling items. Establishing your internet presence is critical because the percentage of participants spend most of their money and effort there.

Letgo's upkeep is the most significant technological aspect due to its rapid loading speed. Start with simple functionality and network load if you want to create something similar.

It is the outcome of outlining the essential factors of the Letgo application and even the amount of hours necessary to actualize them.

What is the Cost of Creating a Letgo-like app?

The following factors influence the cost of establishing a marketplace app:

  • Working scope (number and complexity of desired features, as well as the number of hours necessary to construct them)
  • Technical stacking (native or cross-platform development)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (third-party services)
  • Your software development company's hourly charges

All of these variables have a substantial influence on the resulting cost. The numbers can change substantially depending on what you choose. Cross-platform development is less inexpensive than native development, yet the quality remains unchanged. Creating an MVP from the beginning can also save you money and allow companies to join the marketplace much faster.

The cost decide by your service provider's hourly rate and location. Prices for app condition of the Country, for example, average from $100 and $250 per hour, whereas you can employ a senior developer for $40-$60 per hour in Eastern Europe, wherever our development studios locate.

We estimate that perhaps the time required to construct a similar app (both online and mobile) using these features will range between 449 to 1019 hours, based on the complexity of something like the functions. 

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