Why To Build Gojek Clone To Capture Market Share In 2022

The Gojek clone script is an on-demand multi-service platform that combines food, ride-sharing, retail, and pharmaceutical delivery into a single package. The Gojek clone solution is a mega software that can be customised with extra features and services to match your requirements.


People would rather use a single app than several apps, saving phone storage and mobile data. The software includes five different user interfaces.

The Admin Panel is where all of the functions of the users, store owners, and delivery partners are administered.

The User Panel can place orders/book cabs or boot on-demand services through this portal.

The Store Panel receives an alert about the product that the user has ordered.

The Delivery Partner Panel accepts and delivers delivery requests to the customer's location.


Easily Accessible

In today's environment, maintaining a social distance is critical. Our Gojek Clone App functions as a platform, connecting users and service providers without the need for direct contact. This increased the users' safety and made receiving packages at their doorstep more convenient.

Simple to use

Users can place orders or use services from anywhere, at any time, using their cell phones and an internet connection.

Users of the on-demand meal delivery app may get their favourite cuisine from nearby restaurants in a few touches, hire a taxi in a few taps, and Service Bid for the services they desire from nearby service providers in a few taps. Users can pay using the Secure Payment Gateways of their choosing with ease.

Simple to use the navigation

People nowadays use cell phones and like using mobile applications. Your users may utilise Gojek Clone 2022 to do everything from shopping to booking cabs with only a few taps. The app's navigation is so straightforward that even inexperienced users can utilise it and enjoy the purchase experience.

Improves your company's brand reputation

Certain customers may be drawn to the Gojek Clone App. The Gojek clone supports multiple languages, currencies, and the ability to call or chat within the program. The Gojek clone app fulfils its promises, improving the brand's image and value.

Improves productivity

Everything is managed through the Admin Dashboard, which automates your complete business activities. As a result, there will be plenty of time to devote to more productive tasks. You can now use the app to engage in marketing activities to attract more clients.

Profits are flowing steadily.

Maintaining on-demand multi-service app engagement is critical for retaining novelty. More features will entice more users to utilise the app, increasing the number of users. This will increase revenue flow. Furthermore, smart monetisation methods such as subscription fees, delivery costs, cancellation charges, commission on every order, and third-party ad banners will continue to bring in money.

Multi-currency and multi-language support

You may publish your app anywhere on the earth with the 25 multi-currency and language integrations, including English and USD (American Dollar). Customers can utilise the app in their favourite language and currency, broadening their reach.

Toggle the On/Off switch.

The delivery partner can manage the availability by using the toggle on/off option. The toggle options can be altered if the delivery partner utilises another service or wishes to cancel the delivery.

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